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Name's Tony. SinorBlim .
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The Lord is my all
This blog is more of an internet diary.
As also an internet gallery of my writings.


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Tattoo done by Stefano Alcantara.

my dreame girl 

Fighting waves of suicide, conformity, & the norm

Apply for this page, apply for that page, apply for this, apply for that. Call this person, call that person. Do this, do that. 

 Fight with parents about things that have to be filled out with. ..
 A situation where I really want this. 

 & I need to do this for me. 

 But the further I get, the more I get turned away. 

I’ll get there. Just gotta make it. 


Today has been a wonderful day. 

 I woke up, with a bit of a problem. But as I thought about life. Everything in the grand scheme of things, I became calm. 
 More than usual.

 It was nice.

 The ice. The cold. The snow. The sunlight, showing all the little textures of ice crusted onto the horizon of the ohio plains I see.

 Amazing colors. Clear blue skies. Fresh, cold, almost holy, clean air.

 Changing my whole perspective on things.

 Cleaned. Meditation in mind.

 I was beating my self up this morning on some shit thats been going on.

 I was sitting on the island of my clients house. As I always do when I’m done w/ my sunday ritual of cleaning the house. 
 Bathrooms, Kitchen, floor,

 dusting something,

 & wipe down the washer und dryer.

 Anyway. I read facebook, youversion, the local newspapers, & some other stuff on my phone when I’m done.

 ( haha, my clients call it my parot perch ;) )

 I saw a commercial for CTU. ( google it)

 Agreeing  in such a cliche way of thinking. About what they were saying on the screen.

" YOu seriously don’t want to be apart of the rest of society? You want to go somewhere w/ your degree?"Ive had these questions for the past 3 years.  & I felt like I’ve gotten no where. 

 So I come back from my break. 

 I sit down to do some reading. 

 Not even sitting, I open my bible to psalm 85: 8-9  

 ” For God wont let us go back to our foolish ways….” 



 Thank you Lord, for what you show me. What you do, how you do it. 

 Thank you. 


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Georges Seurat - Man Reading (1884) - Chalk on paper

Reminds me of the old men that sit around my town, in coffee shops, & tire shops, reading, smoking. Bitching bout nothing haha
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 Id just cover the opening w/ a sheet
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DO NOT USE! Skull is already on my calf. Reblog the fuck outa this shit though ya’ll
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Fleur de lis watercolor tattoo | Koray Karagozler

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So I submitted my Invisible Monsters tattoo early, well here is the almost completed half sleeve. I really wanted to get Amor Fati and my last name, but I had no idea on how to do it. So what I decided to do was get a bunch of my favorite things. Invisible Monsters is my favorite book. The Keywork is the Coheed and Cambria logo and they are my favorite band. The nintendo controller is for my favorite past time which is gaming. I absolutely love music so I got some music notes. Amor Fati, which I know isn’t the complete sentence, means love of one’s fate and is one of my favorite songs. Ferrer is my last name. I got all of this done by Jay at East Atlanta Tattoo. The man is phenomenal and one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. 

love that band
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makes me want lunch